Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morgan's Bunny Play

Morgan and his class recently did a play about Peter Rabbit and Morgan was a narrator.  He really enjoyed himself and he looks awfully cute in bunny ears!

They did two showings of the play and Ross and I both got to go to separate showings.  Morgan said his lines very clearly and did a great job.  He had a wonderful time and Ross and I were proud of him.  


Hello everyone!

I just thought I would write a little note and let everyone know that All is going well with us.  Actually, I really can't think of anything really interesting for me to tell you about at the moment, but I will put in some pictures and I am sure that I will remember something!!! 

Ah, yes.  I have found great stuff to share.  Here are pictures of our first ever Easter Egg hunt in
 our own backyard!!  It is a wonderful thing
 to have a backyard that you actually Own!

Also, we just put in some new french doors and took out our very ugly and not working sliding glass doors.  We are so happy!  And they look
 great.  And they actually work, which is a really good thing...  We had the missionaries come over and help us install the door and fun was had by all for about 8 hours.  The only real problem that we had was that we had picked the coldest day of the year to install, so everyone
was bundled up inside and trying to stay warm as very cool breezes were coming through a very large hole in the wall.  But it turned out okay and we are loving the new look and the convenience of doors that actually work like they are supposed to!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Roo

Hello everyone!!  It has been a while.  Sorry.  Life is good, but busy!  I had my 33rd birthday this last  month and Riley had his 2nd.  Other than that there hasn't been much going on.  

Ross is busy at work.  He has a major project that is being launched on the Shuttle up to the space station this next week.  After that he has another one that is going to be launched sometime this year.  He is very 
busy.  But he says that he is really liking his job.  
Morgan has decided that he actually likes school now and he loves reading.  He is really excited for Julia to be in Kindergarten this next year.  Julia is not quite as excited...  Well,
 we will come to that bridge when we come to it.  We are trying to really talk it up so that she is a little more excited for it!!

Riley is busy destroying things as usual.  He is two and he acts like it.  He is very sweet and funny still, but boy does he have his opinions!!  Who does that remind you of??  I will not say another word.  

My mother came out to visit last month too.  (well, over new years) That was really nice to see her again out here.  She watched the kids for us so that we could go on a date.  It was really fun.  But a worse date we could not have had if we had planned it!!   Amazing.  But we actually had a really fun time on o
ur horrible date and still think that it was hilarious to this day!  Chalk it up to really ultra bad service, long lines and a really good movie really late at night!  

Well, my cake truffle and dessert business is going well.  Although a little slow right now because of the recession...  but it is fun and allows me to make lots of really nummy goodies and not eat them all!  I love it.  And I am teaching three kids piano lessons now too.  And that is quite enjoyable.  I love seeing them progress and being proud of themselves!

Anyway, I hope all is well with all of you out there!!  We love and miss you all.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It may be the most crazy thing ever...  But we had snow this last week!  

It obviously didn't stick on the roads, but it sure was purty!!!  

Julia and Riley were outside playing in it for a few minutes and Julia turned to me and said, "I am cold!!  I guess I don't like snow anymore!!"
Morgan said that the school let his class out to play in the snow for a little bit too.  I thought that was nice of them.  Since it doesn't exactly snow often here!!

I actually heard something interesting about snow down here.  I heard from a weather report that there is apparently a connection between hurricanes hitting here in the summer and then in the winter there are snow storms where the hurricanes hit!  Isn't that bizarre?  I guess it has to Do with weather patterns and such.  And since  I know nothing about that kind of thing I will just leave it like that!!  

So there may be more snow for this year!  And then we will have to wait for another hurricane to hit to have more in years to come!  That doesn't sound fun.   It's snowing in Houston and they say that earth's climate is getting warmer??  Hmm.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The first ever Winn Blog...

Hello everyone,

Here are some funny things that happened these last few weeks. 
 We went to cut down a christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  We had a great time.  Especially because I had my 12 year old nephew Connor with us!  While we were there several funny things happened. When we first walked into the tree farm there were a whole bunch of things that were available for the kids to play with.  A hay bale maze and a petting zoo with a couple of goats (one of which was very grumpy and kept spitting at the kids) and a donkey.  There was free hot chocolate and apple cider and there was a texas-style sledding area (which happens to be a huge hill made of soft packed dirt which the kids could slide down).  Well, Morgan was having a hard time speaking and kept calling the hay-bales hairballs, which we thought was quite amusing!  When we finally found the tree that we wanted we were trying to cut it down and I noticed that there was poison oak on the fence that was fairly near to us.  So I pointed it out to the kids and said, "Don't touch this, it will make you itch horribly and have a yucky rash."  After the announcement Julia walked calmly over and started rubbing her hands all over it!!  We looked over and yelled for her to stop.  When she turned around and looked at us she smiled and then started rubbing her hands all over her face and sticking them in her mouth!  We were horrified, but also amused because that is just SO Julia.  We wiped her off with some baby wipes I had in my purse and gave her a hot soapy bath when we got home and she never had a problem.  Thank goodness!!

When we had our tree back up front they have this cool little shaky thing that you hold the tree on and it shakes the tree so that all the extra stuff comes off (and believe me, after the hurricane there was all sorts of stuff in the center of the tree that needed to come out before we put it in the house!).  Well, while the tree was "dancing," as the guy called it this little thing fell out and started slithering away!  It turned out to be a non-poisonous rat snake but it was about a foot long and had a nice big bulge in the middle because it had just had something for dinner.  So the owner picked it up and let the kids touch it.  Julia refused.  Riley had to be taken away because he was loving it too much.  Ah, children.  Anyway, it was quite an adventure.  And we had a fabulous time!!

This last week I went grocery shopping with Julia and Riley.  It was raining as we got out of the car to go into the store.  Julia got out and then said to me,"But Mom!  The rain is going to ruin my hair!"  Nevermind that I hadn't even combed her hair that morning!  When we were coming out of the store it was no longer raining but was very windy (If you don't like the weather in Texas just wait 10 minutes!) and Julia turned to me and said, "Wow Mom!  It really is Windsday today!!"  And it really was Wednesday that day.  

Hope you all have a great week and a fabulous start to the holidays!